Reusable Transparent Double-sided Tape


Easily stick your stuff in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony,walls, hard floors, windows, wardrobe plastics, glasses and garden. This transparent self adhesive tape is durable, residue free, detachable and even washable and does not leave any trace on the surface

Its also suitable for kitchen household, industrial applications as car phone holder, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone cases, patches, decorative patches, wall decor to name but a few areas of use.

super adhesive double-sided self adhesive is made of Nano-pu gel material, with durable double-sided self-adhesive, transparent, residue-free, detachable and washable features, not on the wall or Leave any trace on any surface. Non-slip

This double-sided Gel clear tape is easy to remove and paste, cut into any length and stick! Suitable for household storage, not for rough, greasy, delicate or granulated surfaces, stick and press the gel pad to the surface you want to apply, then peel off the protective film and stick the items on it. The larger the contact area between the tape pad and the item to be stuck, NOTE: if the items is bigger, the more tape you should use.

Each roll of double-sided adhesive tape size is approx. 2.0 mm in thickness, 30 mm in width, we provide 4 size in 1 m/ 2 m/ 3 m/ 5 m, you can select what you want and cut it Into proper size for your use

double sided nano tape
Reusable Transparent Double-sided Tape
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